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Notary Services

Our office provides notary services in:
Solemn Declarations,
True copies notarized
We are five minutes away from east of Highway 427 and Finch Ave. (in Toronto/Etobicoke). For map location, click here.

Requirements for Notary Services

Typically, a customer/client must be able to:

(a) Show two pieces of valid unexpired identifications prior to signing a document. Acceptable photo identification includes a passport, a driver's license, a citizenship card. We do not accept Ontario health insurance card as ID.

(b) DO NOT sign or date the document until you attend in our office and you must complete any personal information on the form before attending our offices.

(c) For a certified copy of a document to be completed by our offices, you must show the original document when you attend in our offices.

(d) You are required to fill up/complete Identity Verification form, before we provide you above services.